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It is kind of sad that there are no plans to further expand the routes, I found the game to be cozy and heartwarming. I could see myself purchasing a game like this for $10 minimum but I get with the changes in the workplace or platform it could be difficult to do. I hope that there are interesting projects like this in the future. We need more sweet and lighthearted games in the world

Five out of five stars. Believe me, this is the best game I've played on so far! Specifically the best visual novel. It doesn't have to rely on romance as its main point to be good, it focuses on the next best thing - friendship! This game is so heartwarming and sometimes hits home. I love it. It was also such a creative idea to set the game based in the same location as one of the developers' previous games "so obscure;". It makes me want to attend Happy Valley High! I also adore the many references to Reflections On The River. Royal Turnip?! All the characters are the best as expected. Mimi is so optimistic and we should declare her as the queen of puns. By the way, I couldn't stop laughing at this at the time - HYDRATION NATION. Becca's a cool friend from back home. Sami is a sweetheart and she's way more lovable when deciding to take her route. Melissa's a cool friend when hanging out with Sami. Umi is a queen overall once getting to know her and it's worth choosing her route, too. Cherry is very caring and when I was barely introduced to her by Sami, I didn't even need to think about judging her name because my name is Cherie! Cherry's a cute name, guys - and her brother just happens to go to North Island High . . . Anyway, Nolan is oblivious, but humble. The developers did a perfect job on making him look like some member from BTS lol. Adrian is cool. Hermes is the obvious class clown. Wyn has my heart with his awkward self. Dick is just a nonchalant art club president. Jay was a nice addition for Umi's sake. To wrap it all up, Sami's my favorite character and I was excited to play her new route. I'm grateful for the developers to create more than just Umi's route. Forget about my old comment where I so desperately asked for Wyn's route - I respect the developers' decision on what's best for the game. I've completed all the endings, collected all the adorable photos and items in addition to the game, and discovered all the in-game dialogue. If the developers decide to create any more routes in the future, I'd be SO STOKED!

P.S. This is the longest review in history. I just needed to get all my feelings out lol


i really love umi, and now i'm excited for sami's route >_<

i've always loving slice-of-life visual novels, especially those who set in high school - so, i'm thankful that this game exist. it's one of the best vn i ever played :D the ui is very cluttered & the art is neat!!

the mc is really lovable andd relatable, the art & shipping hobby, plus those puns lmao.. i totally agree with the comments here, the characters are really lively^^ 

so much love for stardust soda, will always support yall works! :3


Umi is such a queen.


Is there a route for Wyn?

I really hope there will be one in the future if the developers decide to create more routes. Wyn is my favorite!

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This. This is the best slice-of-life visual novel I've read so far. Absolutely LOVE the characters (especially Hermes lol). They actually feel like real people and I am so attatched to them. (Love the diversity of the characters too! That made my heart warm.)

I'm currently still going through the game and I don't think I'll be able to move on after I finish this game. Everything about this game is so neat. The voice acting, the writing, the art, the story, the social media part, everything is just so good and I feel like this game is going to be my comfort game.

I'm really, really thankful for this game and I am so glad that I found this masterpiece of a game! Looking forward to the future of this game! 

Hermes is definitely a great comedic relief like Mimi says.

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Hello, I have recently run into a bizarre memory leak in this game. It seems that a number of things are happening, that culminate into a giant memory-hogging mess, one of them being the fact that once an art asset is loaded into the game, used, and then removed from display, it’s never cleared from RAM. This is at least half of the leak problem, perhaps a bit more. The other issue is that, no matter what you do in the game, the RAM used just never stops creeping up. Within 5-10 mins of runtime, it had gone from an already quite large 250 MB at the title screen, to a massive 670 MB at the time of Windows killing it and all it’s child processes to stop from completely running out of RAM (4 GB RAM, shared between GPU and GPU, and 4 GB Page File). I’m about to just leave it at the title screen, to see if the RAM ballooning issue still occurs. If you need additional information, I can e-mail you with evidence and act as a debug assistant, as I have a feeling this issue may not be reproducible on a development machine.

Here are the rest of my computer specs:

CPU: Intel i5-540M @ 2.53 GHz (2 core, 4 thread)
RAM: 4 GB SODIMM DDR3-1334, 208 MB of which is reserved for hardware (NOT LPDDR3, mind you!)
Page File: 4 GB, on Disk 1
GPU: Intel HD Graphics, 64 MB VRAM, 1632 MB Shared RAM, Direct3D 10, OpenGL 1.x (perhaps 2.x, but 2.x software is unstable on this chip, so unsure here)
Disk 1: Intel SSDSA2M080G2LE, 80 GB capacity, 37.2 GB used for Windows 10, rest for Linux Mint
Game Drive: Western Digital My Passport 2627, 4 TB preformat, 3.6 TB formatted, connected over USB 2.0
Windows 10 Version: Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit (Build 19044)

If you need any more information, e-mail me at

I hope to hear back from you, I’d like to get this sorted out!

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Just. Woah. 

Loving the art; very neat, distinctive, and fitting of the comic book themed narrative. 

The characters are all likable and interesting in their own way, and I'm looking forward to playing everybody else's routes.

The vibe of this game is really cool to me. It's super comfy and cute and I really appreciate the school, slice-of-life-iness of it a whole lot.

I liked the choices, and how many and how different they were. Even though I (as I normally do) just went with one kind of choice, I had fun choosing my Mimi's personality.

Last but certainly not least, the voice acting was a big 'yes' for me. I NEED an hour loop of 'So stoked!', or just any of Mimi's lines, really. Umi really sold the diva persona, Hermes was a real natural, and I enjoyed Wyn's deep exasperation in just about every scene he shows up in. Overall, the voice acting was great and totally elevated the experience for me.

You guys are doing great, and I'll be cheering you on, on finishing this gem.


I want to complete all the current available endings, but I just know I'll feel terrible after the betrayal endings because I always get so attached to the characters.


this was such an adorable game with a very endearing cast of characters, especially the main character. absolutely loved it, looked forwards to playing it at the end of the day, every day! i wish there was more!! im attached to this game ;w;

Mimi is such a ball of sunshine! I love her.


Question is Umi romancable character? While Sami and Cherry is more of friendship routes? 


Yes, Umi's route does have a romance ending. Sami's route will not. There are no plans to work on a Cherry route currently.


Thank u and I can't for Cherry route whenever it comes out.