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i’m so glad i stumbled upon this game, its amazing! i love how the writing always managed to make me excited and interested in the characters and wider world — it was perfectly “human” in the way that the protagonist dealt with their situation. these are the sorts of vampire stories i love :) as curious as i am about “them” i really enjoyed the ambiguity. 


i love this game so much...except for all the lavender mentions....lavender sucks i dont know one person who enjoys lavender. but yeah. super cool game. just wish there was less lavender ...

Super well made, though I'm very confused. I can't tell which ending I got (if its bad or good) and I lost count on which endings I got. Though, overall, there is plot twists that got me excited! So good.

Thank you for playing! There aren't really any "good" endings in the game, but all the endings are numbered.

(spoiler warning)

this is the kind of vampire story i've been waiting for. thank you for all your hard work! you've made something really special.

Thanks so much, happy to hear that you enjoyed it!


I found the game to be quite enjoyable and got all endings (and variations)! Great writing although I did notice some letters were capital when they shouldn't be. Was that intentional? They were mostly the letter P, if I recall correctly. I still don't exactly know what's happening even though I have some ideas.  I'd really love to know your thoughts on the story and characters as well as what the true endings mean to you

Overall, I enjoyed my time playing. Good job!


Thanks for playing and leaving a comment!
Regarding the capital letters, it's actually not capitalised in the script, but in the choice menus/UI font, certain letters with descenders are bumped up so that the bottom of the letter rests on the baseline. (So you can see this with q's  or g's, as well). There's no specific meaning -- it's just how the font was made by the designer haha.
The story is meant to be a little vague and open to interpretation, but if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask!

I was looking for a good horror game, I'm so glad I found this one. The writing is superb, and for it being such a short game, the characters and world were interesting. I really like the idea of the vampire hotel. Definitely felt creeped out while playing this, and the mirror ending left me wanting to know more about this character and world.

Thanks for playing, and sharing your thoughts! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it.

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The description is well-written, giving the thrill and goosebump to me everytime I read it o.O 

The endings are prim (you sure like twist in your story xD). But, I still wonder which one the "bad" and the "true" are...  but it's look like when they came home and finally realized their identity is the "true" one? Or when the hunger is solved? But then, I think it's all  relative and up to reader's intepretation honestly... ^^"

I just realized that the tittle is such a trickster and word plays, already indicating the type of "hunger" and monster they are  xD

That was really great, solid writing, good sound effects. Nice job!


Thanks a lot!